Steel types and descriptions of common materials for bearings

One: section steel. According to the shape of the section, it can be divided into round steel, flat steel, square steel, hexagonal steel, octagonal steel, angle steel, I-beam, channel steel, T-shaped steel, B-shaped steel, etc.
Two: Steel plate! Thick steel plate (thickness $% mm) and thin steel plate (thickness!% Mm) are divided according to thickness “General use steel plate, boiler steel plate, shipbuilding steel plate, automobile steel plate, general steel plate, roof Sheet steel, pickled sheet steel, galvanized sheet steel, tinned sheet steel, and other special steel sheets.
Three: Steel strips are divided into hot-rolled steel strips and cold-rolled steel strips according to the delivery status.
Four: Steel pipe! According to the manufacturing method, it is divided into seamless steel pipe (hot rolled and cold drawn) and welded steel pipe. According to the purpose, it is divided into general steel pipe, water gas pipe, boiler steel pipe, petroleum steel pipe and other special copper pipes. # According to the surface condition, it is divided into galvanized steel pipe and non-galvanized steel pipe. According to the pipe end structure, it is divided into threaded steel pipe and non-threaded steel pipe.
Five: Steel wire! According to the processing method, it is divided into cold drawn steel wire and cold rolled steel wire. According to the purpose, it is divided into general steel wire, wire for wrapping, wire for overhead communication, steel wire for welding, spring steel wire, piano wire and other special steel wires. The situation is divided into polished steel wire, polished steel wire, pickled steel wire, smooth steel wire, black steel wire, galvanized steel wire and other metal steel wires.
Six: Steel wire rope! According to the number of strands, it is divided into single strand steel rope, six strand steel rope and eighteen strand steel rope. According to the inner core material, there are organic core steel rope and metal core steel rope. Rope and galvanized steel rope.