How much is the temperature of 6206 high temperature bearing

The temperature resistance value of high temperature bearings is not fixed to a value, and is generally related to the material used in the bearing. Generally, the temperature level can be divided into 200 degrees, 300 degrees, 40 degrees, 500 degrees, and 600 degrees. The commonly used temperature levels are 300 and 500;
600~800 degrees high temperature bearings can usually be divided into two types, all high temperature steel high temperature bearings and ceramic hybrid high temperature bearings;
800~1200 high-temperature bearings usually use silicon nitride ceramics as raw materials to replace high-temperature environments that are difficult to achieve with steel.
The structure types of high temperature bearings are as follows:

1. Full ball high temperature bearing
The structure is full of rolling elements, and the materials are: bearing steel, high-temperature alloy steel and silicon nitride. Among them, the full-ball high-temperature bearing made of bearing steel can withstand high temperature of 150~200℃, the full-ball bearing made of high-temperature alloy steel can withstand high temperature of 300~500℃, and the full-ball bearing made of silicon nitride can withstand high temperature of 800~1200℃.

2. High-speed and high-temperature bearings
The structure includes a cage, the speed is high, and the material is generally made of high-temperature alloy steel
The method of selecting high-temperature bearings should be selected according to actual application scenarios. For example, if the environment is harsh and the speed is higher, the cage, sealing ring, and imported high-temperature grease must be selected.