HXHV seal ring for bearings

Product Name: HXHV sealing ring Model Number: Customized Size: Customized    
Custom bearing's size, logo and packing. Material: POM / PP / PU
Brand: HXHV / Customized / Other original brand      
Verified supplier by Alibaba and SGS Group. Annual export volume is over $12million Since Year 2015 Factory wholesale price with good quality Fast Reply / Short lead-time       1 Year warranty       CE / SGS / EPR for Germany, France and Spain      
Universal Packing
Without any logo on bearings or packing.
HXHV Packing
With our brand HXHV on bearings and packing.
Customized Packing
Depends on buyer's requirements.
Original Brand Packing
Bearing and packing are both original. Please contact us for pictures.
        Welcome to contact us for more details. Thank you!

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